Situational Analysis Extracriminal Crime Prevention Tactics and Strategies

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Acerca de este curso

The course “Situational Analysis: Extracriminal Crime Prevention Tactics and Strategies” offers an innovative approach to preventing crime, focusing on environmental factors, public policies, and technologies that reduce opportunities for crime. Participants will be taught how situational analysis can identify and manage risk factors in specific environments, applying tactics from urban design to community education. Additionally, the role of technology in crime prevention will be explored. This course is aimed at security professionals, urban planners, educators, and social science students, seeking to provide them with tools to create safer environments.

Objetivos de este curso

The purpose of this course is to learn the main crime prevention tactics and strategies, as well as the methodology for the design and evaluation of plans and programs to reduce crime.
Principles of criminal policy.
Extrapenal crime prevention strategies: Situational, social and community tactics and their critical considerations.
The process of design, application and evaluation of crime prevention strategies. Community mediation.
Analysis of criminal behavior.
Using Python to create crime maps.
Application of the scientific method in the analysis of criminal behavior.
The use of quantitative indicators, crime rates.

Modalidades y requerimientos

  • The "Situational Analysis: Extra-Criminal Crime Prevention Tactics and Strategies" Course is taught online and in real time, providing an interactive and direct learning experience, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

¿A quién está dirigido?

  • The course "Situational Analysis: Extracriminal Crime Prevention Tactics and Strategies" is specially designed for public security professionals such as police and security guards, urban planners and policy makers who seek to integrate crime prevention strategies into urban design and public policies.
  • Likewise, it is relevant for educators and community leaders interested in promoting safety and preventing crime through education and community participation.
  • Students of social sciences, criminology and criminal justice who wish to delve deeper into innovative crime prevention methods will also find this course highly beneficial, preparing them to apply this knowledge in their future careers.


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