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Maria Laura Ros
Actualizado el: June 21, 2023
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Acerca de este curso

Boost your Learning with Our Study Techniques Course!

Do you study for hours but the information doesn't stick? Do you feel overwhelmed with everything you have to learn? Look no further, our Study Techniques Course is for you.

This course gives you the necessary tools to study efficiently and effectively, adapting to your personal learning style. You will learn to manage your time, how to plan your study and memorization and concentration techniques.

Our approach is personalized because we understand that everyone learns in their own way. Upon completion, you will not only be more efficient, but you will also enjoy the learning process more.

Let go of ineffective study methods. Enroll today in our Study Techniques Course and change the way you learn forever!

Participate with your Group!

This course includes participation in groups and forums with other students during the course, with the aim of promoting collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Group link: Study Techniques – Dines Academy

Objetivos de este curso

Study Planning
Digital Tools and Techniques
APA Basic Standards
Job submission

Modalidades y requerimientos

  • Remote mode

¿A quién está dirigido?

  • Secondary and University Students.
  • Professionals in Activity.
  • Graduate Students.
  • Adult or Senior Students.
  • Parents of Students.
  • Educators and Tutors.

Plan de estudios

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Discover how to maximize your learning capacity with proven and personalized techniques. Learn to organize your time, memorize information effectively, concentrate better and enjoy the learning process.

Starting to study

Virtual tools

Make the most of the digital era with virtual tools that enhance your study. Learn about online applications and platforms that facilitate organization, concentration and memorization

Copying prohibited, quoting permitted

Learn to integrate information from various sources while respecting the original authorship. Discover how to cite correctly and avoid plagiarism, strengthening your study skills and academic integrity. Create authentic work with confidence!

I have to present a job, what do I do?




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